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Archive  - Rudolf Kaehr
(1942 - 2016)

categorization scheme


Rudolf Kaehrs scientific work covers a wide range from philosophical aspects to formalizations and programming. Additionally and for the sake of a further orientation Eberhard von Goldammer developed a categorization scheme. The works are labelled with one or more indexes in the form of Kxx.

See list below.


Categorizations of the Works of Rudolf Kaehr



K 01

Gotthard GŁnther Studies

K 02

narrative scientific essays //
narrative wissenschaftliche Essays

K 03

Polycontexturality - Second Order Cybernetics

K 04


K 05


K 06


K 07


K 08

Formal Systems in Polycontextural Constellations

K 09


K 10

The Chinese Challenge or A Challenge for China

K 11

Memristics - Memristors - Computation

K 12

Cellular  Automata

K 13

Rudolf Kaehr and Friends