Aphorisms of Previous Weeks 
1999 - 2006

Week 7, 2006

A real culture does not know any humour-free areas.

Vincent F. Zaphod


Week 22, 2002

If all think the same, nobody thinks right.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


Week 11, 2002

From a particular point there is no turning back.
That point is reachable.

Franz Kafka


Week 20, 2001

Don't panic!

Douglas Noel Adams

D. Adams died on Friday, 11th May 2001, more under


Week 16, 2001

Thinking is difficult, so most of us judge.

Carl Gustav Jung


Week 12, 2001

Nowadays man has invented only one true vice: speed.

Aldous Huxley

Week 11, 2001

Where our calculations fail we talk about coincidence. 

Albert Einstein

Week 10, 2001

Everywhere - gostly - the no-solutions of yesterday wrestle with the no-solutions of the day before yesterday for the overcoming of a future which completely falls out of the frame.

Ulrich Beck

Week 9, 2001

Dilettantism, provincialism and conservatism would not be suitable for the Northrhine-Westfalian university- and academy-system.

Harry J. Brinkman

(former president of the free university of Amsterdam, member of the Expertenrat concerning the quality pact "NRW academies", taken from his special vote ...)

Week 8, 2001

Experience is the name which men call their errors.

Oscar Wilde

Week 7, 2001

Time only is if something is happening, 
and is only there 
where something is happening. 

Ernst Bloch

Week 6, 2001

Freedom means responsibility; that is the reason 
why most people are afraid of it.

George Bernhard Shaw

Week 5, 2001

The often unreflected respect for old laws, old customs 
and old religion we have to thank for all mischief in the world. 

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Week 4, 2001

A diplomate is a human being, who speaks out, 
what he is not thinking.

Giovanni Guareschi

Week 3, 2001

Lot's of things in the world would be completely uninteresting,
if they are not forbidden.

William Faulkner


Week 2, 2001

The mask of the grown-up is called "experience".

Walter Benjamin

Week 19, 2000

Everybody believes to own the truth, 
but everybody owns it different.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Week 18, 2000

Two truths cannot contradict with each other.

Galileo Galilei

Week 13, 2000

Opportunism is the art to sail with the wind produced by others.

Allessandro Manzoni

Week 13, 2000

Moral demands to reality precisely mark those points where a society is not willing to learn. 

Norbert Bolz

Week 12, 2000

What we know ist just a drop, what we do not know is an ocean. 

Isaac Newton

Week 10, 2000

The lure has to be tasty for the fish, not for the fisherman. 

Beate Uhse

Week 10, 2000

The decay of authority in our times also is caused by the faint-heartedness to practice authority.

Mario Scelba

Week 8, 2000

Whenever you share the opinion of the majority, 
it's time to rethink.

Mark Twain

Week 7, 2000

Education is the ability to look at things
from the viewpoint of somebody else. 


Week 6, 2000

Hypocrisy always grows in times of change: 
the official values do not match the behavior.

Norbert Bolz

Week 1, 2000

Various paintings work so persuasive
that one buys it unseen.
Because of its frame.

Wolfgang Kempmann

Week 1, 2000

Every stupid boy is able
to trample down a beetle. 
But all professors of the world 
are not able to produce one.

Heinrich Heine

Week 52, 1999

Strait jackets a no longer necessary today, 
we have daily talkshows.

a US-show-magician

Week 51, 1999

I prefer young men, 
they don't know what they do, 
but they do it all night!


Week 50, 1999

Every small honesty is better than a big lie.

Leonardo da Vinci

Week 49, 1999

Just take care
that you are at the right end 
of the food chain. 

an unknown marketing expert

Week 48, 1999

Everyone is himself responsible 
for his own stupidity. 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Week 47, 1999

The Critical Theory is not complicated enough to provocate something else as a protesting or resignating behavior.

Niklas Luhmann

Week 46, 1999

Always forgive your enemies; 
nothing annoys them so much. 

Oscar Wilde

Week 45, 1999

If there is no consensus about the basics, 
it is senseless, to make plans together.


Week 44, 1999

Only there man is real man, where he plays. 

Friedrich Schiller

Week 43, 1999

Pen and paper cause more fires 
than all matches of the world.

Malcolm Stevenson Forbes

Week 42, 1999

A man is not a tree.

Vilém Flusser

Week 41, 1999

Confidence is an oasis of heart
which is never reached 
by the caravan of thinking.

Khalil Gibran

Week 40, 1999

Farewell Causality!

Heinz von Foerster

Week 38, 1999

Only possibility is given to those 
who love the future.

Korean saying

Week 37, 1999

What incends the new world's motivation for doing epistemology is the empirical problem of a reality metamorphosis as a technically manageable process instead as a theme of visionary speculations.

Gotthard Gunther

Week 36, 1999

The mirrors of the future have to be fractal.

Vincent F. Zaphod, word artist

Week 35, 1999

The truth can never be blasphemy.

Alistair McLean

Week 34, 1999

The nodes of the net have to become schools.

Vilém Flusser

Week 33, 1999

Sorcery indeed is a matter of perception.

Carol Tiggs

Week 32, 1999

Always dualisms. 
Always they choose one side instead of choosing the medal itself. 

Kunohara, novel character created by Tad Williams

Week 31, 1999

The bridge to the future is technology. 

Gotthard Günther 

Week 30, 1999

The world is everything that is the case. 

Ludwig Wittgenstein 

Week 29, 1999

I always say that politics 
is the entertainment branch of industry. 

Frank Zappa 

Week 28, 1999

My opinions may have changed,
but not the fact that I am right.

Ashleigh Brilliant

Week 27, 1999

You can't tango alone! 
You need two to tango. 

Heinz von Foerster

Week 26, 1999

To be in hell ist to drift,
to be in heaven is to steer. 

George Bernard Shaw

Week 25, 1999

Man starts to understand how the most complicated of his machines can be taken into pieces and be put together again: The language.

Italo Calvino

Week 24, 1999

I believe that man in the end is such a free being, that nobody is able to criticise his right to be what he believes he is. 

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Week 23, 1999

No thought is too old or to absurd 
to increase our knowledge. 

Paul Feyerabend

Week 20, 1999

Trust in Allah but fasten your camel.

Arabic saying

Week 19, 1999

All technology which already exists 
at the time of birth of a person 
during lifetime is perceived as culture, everything new developed 
is perceived as technology. 

Alan Kay

Week 18, 1999

Work - what's that? 

Ulrich Beck

Week 17, 1999

When I get a little money, I buy books. 
And if money is left, I buy food and clothing.

Erasmus of Rotterdam

Week 15, 1999

In the future one measure of life quality 
will be the individual sum of the times of non-availability.  

Vincent F. Zaphod, word artist

Week 13, 1999

I'm not able to remember 
that within a young and successful company 
of Silicon Valley I've seen so many people wearing ties and collars. 

Germany has to change its cloak-order 
as soon as possible 
when it will be part of the Internet age. 

Scott McNealy, CEO of SUN Microsystems
at CeBIT 1999 in Hannover, Germany

Week 8, 1999

We are drowning in information
being hungry for knowledge.

John Naisbitt

Week 7, 1999

Funny, everytime circumstances are in need of complicated explanations,
they turned out to be very simple.

Gunter Hofmann

Week 6, 1999

Good Morning, Toaster!

Nicholas Negroponte

Week 4, 1999

To live does not mean to learn, but to apply.


Week 2, 1999

He who reflects on reflexion, could gain highly interesting insights.

Humberto Maturana

Week 1, 1999

If you don't know what it is,
I will not be able to explain it.

Louis Armstrong

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